Can a Little Baby Fix a Marriage?

Fights; Who doesn’t have them? Two people who decide to be together are bound to butt heads at some point or another. But a series of heated spats and misunderstandings has the potential to shake a marriage to its very foundation. Vacations, retail therapy, and counseling can only go so far. There’s a new therapy on the market that you ought to try!


A little bundle of joy could be the answer. Little children tend to remind their parents of what got them together in the first place, love. Children are responsibility, they are a distraction from the everyday quarrels and give a vital purpose to the relationship, to life; Fighting over something that happened ages ago will seem futile to the couple, their world, revolving around the tiny tot.

Pregnancy proves to be a boon through which, mutual understanding is elevated and in taking care of the baby, parents find that they patch up their relationship. The silent treatment bows its head to the constant noise that arrives with the arrival of the baby. Conflicts won’t go unresolved because there won’t be any!

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However, if there are issues that have been unresolved and come up too often and if both of you try to escape each other’s company or have suffered through some significant trauma, maybe, it isn’t a very good idea to conceive. In that scenario, a baby will spell disaster. A fight over who’s turn it is to change the diaper can prove to be the final straw. If such a marriage is one you’re living through, its time to think about whether there are fundamental compatibility issues between the two of you. If your marriage cannot be salvaged, its time to part ways.

A baby nonetheless does a fantastic job of sewing back together, two people who feel helpless and distraught. If not completely alleviate all problems, a baby sure can coax two people to stay together and work on their relationship. Love is the only real thing in this world and a baby is a whole lot of love wrapped up in your arms. A baby’s tiny fingers and toes can make life complete, believe it.