How Can Rectal Supplements Improve Your Cognitive Skills?

There are lots of approaches which are known to enhance human’s cognitive functions. It could be doing aerobic exercises, taking part in cognitive training programs, or using pharmaceutical remedies. Studies have also been made to focus on maintaining and improving your brain health with the use of medications and supplements. Rectal supplements and any other safe supplement as a whole have been known to be a contributor to improving one’s cognitive skills. Read on and discover how supplements can do wonders to your body and help you improve your cognitive abilities.

How Can Rectum Supplements Improve Your Cognitive Skills?

Improved Cognitive Supplements

Supplements can be used to provide support for improving mental performance and cognitive abilities. This is particularly the case for the elder people, especially those with cognitive impairments, neurodegenerative diseases and any other sickness that comes together with old age.

In a study conducted D. Bredesen and V. John, supplements were given to an equal number of elderly and young, healthy individuals. It was shown that supplements and compositions have helped them have their overall cognitive performance. Their short term and long term memory has improved, as well as mental energy, attention, clarity, and alertness. They were more concentrated and focused and had shown improvements in areas such as learning, memory consolidation and processing, and general reasoning.

The study further showed that taking in supplements made them more emotionally functional by experiencing moods including the following:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Confusion
– Hostility
– Anger

Feeling all these emotions and moods is one way to know that the subject’s cognitive ability is functioning well and has improved.

“Typically, supplements will comprise an amount of one more supplement components effective to improve one or more cognitive abilities and moods. In various embodiments, an effective amount is an amount sufficient to improve at least one cognitive ability, to improve cholinergic neurotransmission, to improve monoaminergic neurotransmission, and to improve synaptic formation, synaptic maintenance, and synaptic plasticity.” – Improved Cognitive Supplements.

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Neuroceutical for Improving Memory and Cognitive Abilities

Neurochemical formulations and other supplements are helpful in improving functions of neurones in the brain, enhancing one’s memory and cognitive abilities. It also steers the user away from free radical damage mostly caused by old age and other neurodegenerative diseases.

“Surprisingly, and contrary to the teachings of the prior art, certain combinations of substances are found to give improved nervous system function with improved cognitive function and mental energy. The composition of the present invention exhibits synergistic antioxidant and restorative effects on the nervous system effective in treating neurodegenerative disorders where an oxidative injury is believed to be contributory. These synergistic effects additionally allow the use of lower doses of most of the individual components.” – Improving Memory and Cognitive Abilities.

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Cognitive Health

It is a must to maintain the health of one’s brain. It is a vital part of everyone’s survival and success in life. A person is also most likely to experience a good quality of life if his/her mental and cognitive health is in the tip-top state.

According to Now foods, “Healthy cognitive function throughout life depends on many different variables, not the least of which is good nutrition. There are a variety of natural nutrients and supplements that can nourish our brain and nervous system to keep you processing information at faster-than-light speeds.”


1 How Can Rectal Supplements Improve Your Cognitive Skills?

1. Fiber

Supplements for rectal health usually contain fiber, which is known to be very helpful for maintaining one’s bowel movements. If the intake of fiber is increased, the body is relieved of constipation and any other digestive problems and discomfort.

Fiber pulls water into the colon, causing the production of soft and bulky stools, which is a sign of healthy bowel movement.

If you feel like you are not getting enough amounts of fiber in your body, you can go for a fiber-rich diet or take fiber supplements. Such supplements can be very helpful for preventing both constipation and diarrhoea.

2. Gingko Biloba

This herb is very helpful in maintaining the cognitive health of a person. It improves brain functions, including the following:

– Changes in cererbrovascular circulation
– Reduction in blood viscosity
– Reduction of oxygen free radicals
– Reduction of the decrease in neurotransmitter receptors (usually due to old age)

3. Vitamin B6, B9 (Folate), and B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

When the body is well-supplemented with the B vitamins, it will be very beneficial since it can reduce the risk of getting brain disorders and illnesses due to old age, especially dementia.

Vitamin B is essential for cognitive health. It is also one of the most common components of supplements, including those for the rectal health. An adequate supply of B vitamins in the body is paramount to maintaining the health of a person. It also plays a huge part in participating in the metabolic process of the body.

4. Vitamin E

Another vitamin which is essential for cognitive health, it targets the blood-brain barrier and exerts its effects in the cell membranes. This is an anti-oxidant which is also widely known as prevention and treatment of illnesses such as dementia.

A large population-based observational study found that healthy older adults who used antioxidants including vitamin E, vitamin C and multivitamin combinations were 50% less likely to experience cognitive decline at 5 years follow-up compared with those who did not. – US National Center for Biotechnology Information

Supplements are also known to be effective even when it’s used anally. Some patients who went through specific surgeries and operations and those whose digestive systems aren’t functioning well especially with absorbing nutrients and vitamins from medicines are the ones who can use this kind of method. If a patient is to try such method, it is advisable to do it before bedtime, making sure that his/her bowel is empty so that it won’t get lost before it is even absorbed. Supplements in the form of tablets and capsules can be used for this specific method.