6 Things Men Want from Women But Never Tell You

Every man is different, but there are certain things about a woman that make a man noticed and decide that he wants to get to know you more. If you want to win a man’s heart, you need to know what makes a man go from a friend to a lover. This article will give you most things men want from women but never tell you.

6 Things Men Want from Women But Never Tell You


Men love appreciation, but no man will say it out loud to you. In relationships, women all wanted to feel loved and understood while men want to be respected and appreciated. Therefore, instead of focusing on what your guy does not do, you should hone in the good things he does.

There is no better feeling to a guy than that of being truly appreciated for the person he is by the woman he loves. However, many women could not see past the things that he does not do right. What is worse is too many women will harp on the man over such things, making him less inclined to do the things that she wants. As a result, it just makes him shut down. If you could sincerely appreciate the little good things he does for you, then he will go out of his own way to do much bigger things.


One of the most important things men want from women but never tell is respect. Apart from being appreciated, men also have a need to feel respected. Though this is true for all people, both men, and women, this desire seems to burn stronger in men. The respect mentioned here is the women understands who he really is, what he needs and gives him the necessary space to express himself without demanding on him or prioritizing herself over him.

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In fact, men are natural givers. They want to give and provide and they want to make you happy. What they do not want is being told what he needs to do.

When a woman tells her man what to do, she is emasculating him by taking away the thing making him feel significant: his ability to give. When a woman bosses him around, it makes him feel like a failure for not being able to do by his own.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you can let him do what he wants without giving him any advice. Your advice should be given in a way that empowers him, not in a way making him feel like a failure. Thus, to win a man’s heart, it is important to give him the right encouragement at the right time.

Men want to feel significant and manly. It is their nature. Yet, men just want to give to a woman who could happily receive his offers, not the one who makes unnecessary demands in order to feel secure in the relationship. The woman trying to get this assurance without real feelings will be frequently unsatisfied and it is very unappealing to a man than a pessimistic woman.


A woman who can accept her man for the person he really is and bring out his best is always attractive. Women often get caught up in turning a man into what they want him to be instead of accepting him as the person he is and encouraging him to become the best version of himself.

However, remember that men could sense when a woman tries to control them and it is defeating and crippling. Consequently, he will subconsciously go into the opposite direction. Thus, if you could bring out the best of your man without trying to change him, then you will win his heart.


We all need an appropriate support network. The same goes for men. When your man says he is trying to get promoted at work, you should support his attempts. Let him know that you are always behind him and no matter how far the target may seem to you, if it is crucial to your man, you always support him.


Maybe, this is the most important among things men want from women. In reality, if you could do this well, the other points on this list are easy for you. There is nothing more appealing to a man than a woman who is confident in herself and enjoys her life. If you do not love yourself and believe in yourself, how can you love any other person, including him?

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