Psychological Tips: How to Read Your Professor’s Mind?

Being able to read someone’s mind is a handy skill that can be learned. Whether it is coaxing out how much you scored in the finals or simply knowing how to approach somebody who is intimidating, developing an inner intuition about the people around you can help you get ahead. Perceptive people who are able to understand body language and read into things are likely to become successful in life and in college because they know how to act around different people. Here are a few handy tips that will help you read your professor’s mind:

Read Their Eyes

It’s no secret that eyes can be revealing. Eyes are the mirror to the soul hence the next time you’re talking to your professor, make eye contact and pay attention to their eye movements. Studies have shown that when a person is engaged in an interesting conversation, their eyes are likely to remain focused on their partner’s face, practically the whole time.

So, if your professor seems distracted the next time he/she is talking to you and is continuously looking at the table, the window or anywhere besides you, you are probably boring them. Change the subject to something more interesting to give a better impression of yourself.

Notice the Smile 

Smiling is an excellent way to come across as friendly and charming but be sure that you are able to differentiate a real smile from a fake one. Unlike, real smiles, fake ones do not reach all the way up to the eyes and do not result in wrinkles. Genuine smiles are known to cause tiny crinkles around the eyes, also known as crow’s feet.

Pay Attention to Their Tone of Voice

The tone of voice can depict a lot more about a person than you thought. The words somebody speaks are not nearly important as the energy behind them, hence pay attention to how your professor speaks the next time he/she is making an announcement. A slow-paced and serious tone of voice indicates that your professor is talking about something important and is emphasizing on the subject so pay close attention. Who knows, perhaps he/she is hinting a topic that might be a part of your exam.

Additionally, if your professor is talking to you in a monotone, they are probably uninterested in what you have to say or are unattached to the concept so back away politely before they do.

Listen To Your Intuition 

You may have not been bestowed with telepathic powers but that doesn’t mean you should not listen to your intuition. Keep in mind that intuition is what your gut feels, not what your mind says. Honor your gut feeling. It is your internal truth meter that helps you decide whether you can trust somebody or not.

You may have gotten a professional personal statement writers to prepare a personal statement for college but that does not mean you cannot impress your professor. Browse through the internet to learn more about how to read people’s minds. Understanding body language is an important learning curve in psychology.

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