How Does the Physical Influence the Mental

Within a strong and able body resides a thriving mind. The old saying stands the test of time, as the sound foundation of a healthy, prosperous mind is, in fact, your physical health. In case you were under the impression that your physical health has little to do with your mental wellbeing, you would be mistaken, as mounting evidence suggests a strong link and the ever-growing importance of establishing harmony between the two.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… 

Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

In case the immortal words of the great sage are not inspiring enough for you to search for spiritual and mental serenity through physical exercise, here are science-based facts supporting the need for you to get up and moving.

Stress alleviation

The modern fast-paced world is overburdened with stress and anxiety, stifling productivity and slowly leading you down the road to apathy, lethargy, and finally, depression. Whether your children are too loud, or your boss is too demanding, there is simply no way to avoid coming into contact with stressful situations.

The way you deal with stress, along with your ability to transform its negative influence into a powerful weapon you can use to your advantage, will greatly influence your immediate and long-term future. Fortunately, physical exercise has been found to be one of the most powerful de-stressing tools you can use to unwind, find your bearings, and steer your life back on track.

Goal management

Having trouble sticking to your goals? Failing to achieve the things you set out to do? You can blame it on your lack of physical activity. The body has an unbreakable bond with the mind, the conscious, as well as the subconscious realms, and if you spend the majority of your day inactive and devote only a small portion to moving around, your mind will take on the negative habits of your body.

If you feel lethargic and unable to follow through with your plans, more likely than not it is because your body does not possess the energy it requires to push your mind forward. Remember, your brain consumes more than 40% of your total energy levels, so elevating your overall energy capacity and stamina becomes an essential part of your goal management and general wellbeing.

Concentration and focus

Being focused means becoming mindful of the present moment, it is the ability to direct your full attention to a specific task without wandering off into Narnia. Similarly, concentration is the act of isolating your attention on a specific goal or aspect of consciousness.

Physical exercise (strength training in particular) has direct carryover into the intricacies of your daily life, allowing you to develop a natural propensity to attain a laser-like focus and adhere to the task at hand. No matter if you prefer to exercise before work or in the evening, working out will help you achieve a natural state of constant, undivided attention, so drop the remote and hit those weights!

Getting rid of the blues

Cardiovascular exercise paired with explosive force exertion has tremendous benefits in warding off depression and treating various psychological illnesses. Particularly, combat sports are extremely effective in treating feelings of apathy and depression; while the physical and mental benefits of boxing surpass other sports due to the simplicity of the movements and its fast learning rate.

While combat sports are beneficial, it is important to note that any preferred physical activity, paired with adequate intensity, will entice your body to produce dopamine, also known as the “happiness” hormone. In turn, you will feel more relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Improved memory

With a myriad of positive effects physical exercise has on the brain, memory improvement and increased cognitive patterning seem to be the prevalent benefits in treating dementia, memory loss and preventing further brain illnesses.

In addition, regular exercise is able to decrease the rate of brain deterioration, increasing its lifespan and allowing you to live out your golden years with clarity and happiness. Studies have shown a 10-15% increase in brain functions, productivity and memory, in participants who exercised regularly as opposed to their inactive counterparts.

Becoming fit doesn’t just mean attaining a six-pack, and while a chiseled body is a beautiful by-product of exercise, you can look beyond mere appearances and turn to training in search of mental happiness and wellbeing. Let your body guide your mind and soul towards a lifetime of health and prosperity!