10 Tell-Tale Signs That He’s Cheating

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A good relationship can withstand many things, but a cheating boyfriend is often a death sentence for any feelings of romance. Recent studies have proven that both men and women cheat at about the same rate, which is a whopping 50%. If you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you, don’t flip a coin. Look for these telltale signs that often point to deep trouble in your relationship.

#1: They’re over-protective of their phone
If your partner is glued to their phone and takes it with them everywhere, even into the bathroom, it could be more than just dependence on technology. It could be an indication that they have something to hide.

#2: A sudden change in normal every day behavior
If you’ve spent more than a few weeks getting to know your partner, then you probably have a pretty good grasp on how they spend their days and what activities they do. If there’s a sudden change in their daily pattern, it’s worth investigating.

#3: They start buying you lots of gifts
Surprise gifts can be nice, but if your partner suddenly starts bringing you a lot of them with no real reason, it could be a bad sign. They might be guilt gifts, purchased to assuage a guilty conscience and make your partner feel better about themselves.

#4: They’re suddenly a lot more, or a lot less, interested in making love
Many people at the beginning of an affair display a much stronger appetite or start showering you with romantic attention. This is usually for the same reasons that inspire gifts and other attention: a guilty conscience.

#5: They can’t be reached
When your partner can’t be reached on their cell phone and makes vague excuses or tells you that their phone battery died frequently, it’s definite red flag.

#6: They pick fights for no reason
If your partner is suddenly prone to angry mood swings or fights over nothing, they may just be looking for excuses to leave without arousing suspicion.

#7: Their music tastes change
A sudden interest in a music style that they never liked before is almost always an indication that you partner is seeing someone else who likes that kind of music, and listening to it is a way for your partner to feel closer to them.

#8: Working late
Staying late at work once or twice is normal, but if they suddenly start using it as a vague excuse, there’s usually something else going on.

#9: You never meet at their place
If your partner has seen your living space but you haven’t seen theirs, it could be because their home bears signs of another lover.

#10: You have a gut feeling
Trust your own intuition. If you think something may be wrong, find out what it is instead of doubting yourself.