Things Men Really Want In A Relationship

We often find ourselves wondering is my partner satisfied in our relationship? Are they truly happy? Will this last? Yes, relationship are complicated and are always classified as work in progress!

We all heard men say time and time again that women are complicated creatures and they will never understand what goes on a woman’s head. Well,  It turns out women are as lost as men and also need a little guidance and insight into what men want and need from a relationship.

We have often written about how to impress women and what they, now its time we talk about what men like and need in their relationships. Men are often reluctant to discuss things they need emotionally and prefer to be quiet and suffer inside, but as a wonderful partner you probably want to know what your man really needs from your relationship.

The article below will help you truly understand what men want and need from a relationship and will give you an insight into their world and thoughts. The secret is out, so take full advantage of this amazing guide and your man will definitely see the difference.

Have Your Own life : Having a partner in your life doesn’t mean you have to stop your own life and be with your significant other all day and night! guys love to have their own private time and they would appreciate you if you have your own me time .

Sex Life: Men have desire for good sex and if you can keep them happy in bed they will keep you happy in life and will never ever forget the time they had with you . Don’t get me wrong , sex is part of relationship and we have to pay attention to it but it doesn’t mean your whole life and relationship should be around your sex life.

Respect: Men love when you respect their decisions. By being respectful to them you show them that you believe in them and you want them to be respectful to you to. At the other hand by respecting them you are showing them that you have to respect me! and by respecting yourself you show them that you cannot accept any disrespect from them.


2 thoughts on “Things Men Really Want In A Relationship

  1. Ok u say men have emotions but don’t like to show it, but what do u say or do if they say they have none what so ever nothing bothers them?

  2. What happens if u do all that n they show u attention when they feel like it or when they want to, it doesn’t mean they want nothing to do w u or want u right my situation I’m in is confusing and complicated to understand any way u could help me understand men more?

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