We live in hard times, with sudden and quick changes, unstable conditions for the family, uncertainty in looking for a job or even for studying. The dramatic and unexpected change at this rate is creating psychological discomfort, crisis and maladaptive conditions related to anxiety and depression that are a worldwide epidemy.
Vital crisis, existential crisis, identity crisis, values crisis, middle age crisis, these are just a few examples of how we define the fear of change. When we are hit by major changes a crisis will arrive.
A crisis is produced when the old is not dead enough and the new isn’t born yet. We are always in a neutral and transitional zone, between two worlds: where the old is left behind and the new is just ahead. It is a zone of uncertainty so we don’t know where are we going. However, life offer us great opportunities creating and using our creativity to try new things and to connect ourselves with our real need( to be focus in what we need to work, however sometimes we don’t want to focus or to pay attention to the “desire of change”, we are fine in our comfort zone.
Crisis is always a result of change, but change is not always a crisis. A major life change is like a headache, it is most of the time unexpected, it will make us feel bad and will make us think what solutions can we apply for dealing with it. Any major life change or crisis will make us think and realize that everything is not always the same, and that we can’t always get what we want, that we need to move from our comfort zone.


By 2020, depression will be one of the leading cause of death and disability !