How many times a night you woke up and out of the blue wanted some ice cream or chocolate! Did you have a bad day? or maybe had a break down at work? These kind of dramas can effect your sleep at night, when you have lack of sleep over a certain time your body won’t function normally!

According to a research insecurities in a relationship or disputes is linked with improper sleep or insomnia. It also affects your partner’s health if you are suffering from insomnia. A poll in 2005 showed the people who are more likely to feel daytime fatigue if their partner is an insomniac. Insomnia directly linked to Craving sugar during the night and or day, your body needs more sugar to be active . So proper sleeping hours are highly recommended when you think you are craving way more than usual chocolate, ice-cream and all kind of sugars .


Lack of sleep leads to sugar craving!