We all have naughty needs and desires which we want our partner to fulfill. The initial months of your marriage go so good and you look for excuses to go naked and scratch your partner. But as the time passes the true picture starts peeping in and it gets crucial to be aware of what your partner is craving for. Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First and sex therapist says “There are two basic sexual types: thrill seekers and comfort seekers.” Thrill seekers crave for novelty and are easily bored after sometime while comfort seekers get love to be busy and can be turned on by little things. If you both have the same type, then it is quite easy to fulfill each other’s need and even if you don’t belong to same type, then you can settle it by communicating and developing new ideas. Sexually happy partner will go extra miles to keep you happy.


Studies show that sex helps you live longer, makes you smarter and prevents depression.