Many women make the mistake of falling for the wrong guys. It is easy for some of us to become a victim of the deceptive games that some men play. This is why it is vital for every woman to set high standards for her man. Setting high standards can help any woman avoid getting involved with the wrong guy. It would be a grave mistake for any woman to start a relationship with a guy that does not meet her standards.

There is a significant difference between what we want and what is best for us. It is important for every woman to take careful precautions when it comes to choosing a mate. Let’s take a close look at 10 things every woman deserves in a relationship. Following these tips carefully can help you find the man of your dreams.

1- No matter how you look your partner should finds you sexy and you deserve to feel sexy! It doesn’t matter if you were on your pajamas all they because you didn’t feel to dress up or you wear your most expensive dress and just got back from the hair salon with your brand new hair cut, He should make you feel sexy in both situations.

2- You deserve to be with someone you can communicate with freely with no hesitation, communication is one of the important keys of happy relationships. Throughout your relationship you will grow old with your partner and you have to be able to say what you feel and how you feel.

3- You may not be on your best everyday ! As a human being all of us has problems day by day , A good partner has to be understanding and help you when you are down and celebrate with you when you are happy!

4- So you are inseparable with your dog, and all the sudden he comes to you life and he hates dogs specially yours?? You can say right away that he is not a good match for you! You deserve someone who loves you and respect your choice of life .