10 Reasons Why There Wasn’t a Second Date

10 Reasons Why There Wasn't a Second Date

There are a variety of reasons why most people are not often asked out on a second date. We have our own experiences, nonetheless there seems to be a number of common reasons why most people often have a hard time landing a second date. Here are 10 reasons why there wasn’t a second date.

1. Shabby Appearance
The first appearance always matters the most. Imagine the first date as a job interview. Most people miss out on a second date because the other individual did not like the other person’s attire.

2. Lack of Good Conversation
Aside from dress and attire, most people lose out on a second date because of an inability to hold a long, thoughtful and engaging conversation. No one wants to be lectured and likewise no one wants to listen to silence.

3. Bad date location
While a sporting event or a smoke-filled biker’s bar might seem like a fun and exciting date place to you, think about the other person and where they might want to go or what might be appeasing to them.

4. Being Catfished
You meet someone online and your impression of them is based on pictures that turn out to be five years old. This is a guaranteed fail.

5. Inappropriate Behavior
You might find the person attractive, but this doesn’t give you the license to throw all types of advances at them.

6. Too flashy
The first date is about getting to know someone, not how much they make. Impression do not always need to stem from money.

7. Dishonesty
People often lie about where they work or where they live. It is very easy nowadays to find out what people actually do and where they live with basic internet research.

8. Lack of humor
Cheer up and have fun. No one wants to fall in love with a corpse. People want to be matched up with those with warm and engaging personalities.

9. Ignoring the Date
Often people lose out on a second date simply because throughout the course of the first date, the individual spent a good amount of time on their cell phones. This shows disinterest and lack of respect for someone’s time.

10. Fail to ask for second date
Those who do not ask for a second date often give off the impression that they do not want to go any further.