9 Reasons To Get It On In The Morning

9 Reasons To Get It On In The Morning

It turns out that your morning wood is right. Sex should be taking place in the early hours of the AM, and here are nine reasons why.

1. A Stronger Immune System

According to one study, sex in the morning will boost your production of IgA for the rest of the day. This is an antibody that fights off colds, coughs and infections.

2. More Confidence

If you’re still a bit shy in bed, having sex while half-asleep will lower some of your emotional barriers and help you have a good time without anxiety. You can also try it at night when you’re both tired after a long day.

3. Less Stress

Are you worried about an upcoming presentation at work? Sex in the morning will drain your tension away by lighting up the pleasure centers of your brain. The same goes for good food and exercise, but sex is the most fun.

4. Reduced Pregnancy Risks

In the “too strange to make up” category, serious scientific research has gone into the effects of swallowing sperm to reduce symptoms of preeclampsia. A blowjob might actually help her health!

5. Less Water Consumption

After you’ve both gotten thoroughly dirty together, extend your fun with a shared shower. You’ll be doing your part to help Mother Earth conserve her oceans.

6. Better Endurance

Testosterone levels are higher in men after a full night of sleep. This translates into longer and more enjoyable sessions of frick-frack if you make it a habit of starting early.

7. A Faster Metabolism

Sex burns anywhere from 150-250 calories an hour, and doing it in the morning will kick-start your metabolism for the whole day that follows. So skip the jog. Dive back under the covers instead.

8. Mood Enhancement

Sex releases a number of happy-making chemicals in the brain, but sex in the morning seems especially good for the production of oxytocin, AKA the “cuddle hormone.”

9. Sweet Dreams

Once you’ve had your fun, turn over and go right back to sleep. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have good dreams, and once you wake up, you get the experience of doing it all over again!