Punctuality – Why I’m always late?


Punctuality is a problem behavior for many people. Some people are unable to be punctual even though they have tried to be discipline with this aspect of your life. This can be a consistent or systematic behavior, and can have profound effects in our job, work or personal performance and reputation.
Being on time shows among other things that you are able to take seriously the other person and you can commit to plans and projects in common. But what to do when he or she is always late for an appointment? The reality is that the solution is not as simple as it will not change unless the other really wants to do , in any case , here are some ideas.

First, if you are the person who suffers the lateness of another person(friend or boyfriend) you could explain how you feel when he o r she is late again and again . Avoid always offensive language and speaks in first person . For example , you can say, ” Every time you’re late I feel undervalued .” To the extent that the other can take over your feelings then change. Moreover, if this is not enough , then you could give a lesson and you get also a day late and make him/her wait .

Punctuality is important, but you also have to be flexible and understand that there may be occasional days when something unexpected happens. With a little patience and good will on both sides of the situation can be addressed normally.

How I can change my behavior and learn to be a punctual person ?

The first step is to realize and accept that a real problem exists and that we are affecting all around us with such behavior. You tell me that you already knew , but there are many people who do not think that’s a problem, that’s the first step.

The second step is to observe your behavior. See yourself how you behave and what you do to be always late everywhere. When you start to analyze your behavior, you’ll start to have more conscious in your mind and stop being an automatic and unconscious behavior.

Did you ever happen that you get to your home after the end of your day when you realize you do not remember how you did to get there?. That’s an unconscious behavior. Your brain knows the routine so it behaves like an automatic pilot. To achieve change an habit , the trick is first to make the behavior consciously. If I ‘m realizing the problem , it is easier to make a solution

The third step is that every time you have an appointment you remain aware at all times as you prepare to arrive. Decide first what time you’re going to start preparing yourself, and calculate extended time to get to the appointment, not in time, but before. . adjust alarms so you can wake up earlier, and stop doing self sabotaging acts like checking your facebook, chatting or non significant acts you do unrelated with being on time. Focus all your attention and energy to do things efficiently and on time.

Organization and punctuality are linked. Punctuality is closely linked to the organization you have in your life, in your things and activities. If you have good organization within your activities , chances are you’re punctual. So you can start by learning to organize your schedule and your time so that you can learn to be punctual.

Punctuality is about etiquette. Being on time for your appointments is as important as saying hello, thank you, smile or ask for permission. When you incorporate punctuality into your life you will keep this habit and have better opportunities.

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