Why Girls Put On Weight When They Get Into A Relationship

Why Girls Put On Weight When They Get Into A Relationship

New love. It’s the best. There is nothing better than a new relationship to jettison you from your ordinary world, straight to heaven. Every text message, meaningful look, romantic gesture and heart-felt words are enough to melt you. You’ve finally found the one you’ve been searching for. So why are your jeans suddenly so hard to button? There’s an easy answer. A woman’s mental outlook can change dramatically with new love, offering her happiness and a chance to escape the doldrums of dry Nicoise salads and hours on the elliptical. Was your first date holding hands and kissing while eating fine cheeses and sipping champagne? Then why not recreate that date every Friday? It’s so romantic!

Off Your Guard
A single woman, whether she is looking for a relationship or not, may put her physical health first, dutifully going to the gym and stoically refusing donuts at work. This is very hard work. In our food-based society, there is a heavy price to pay for maintaining an athletic figure. Once true love is realized, the urge to stick to a good diet and a rigorous exercise regime may lose steam quickly.

Why Can’t I Have That?
Most men will bring over a dazzling array of food you “aren’t supposed to have” to your home, and leave it out, delicious aromas wafting your way. If he’s eating it, why shouldn’t I?

Lazy Days
In a new relationship, it may be more fun to roll around in bed on a Saturday morning than make an egg-white omelette and do fifty mountain-climbers. You may push your athletic achievements to the back-burner for awhile.

If You’re Happy And You Know It, Gain A Few
Psychological research shows that people who are unhappy are less willing to take a risk. Not that being single means you should be unhappy. But the bliss of a brand new relationship may take that cautious edge away, making you more prone to revel in hedonistic pleasures, therefore packing on unwanted pounds.

How to Avoid Falling Into The Trap:

Try cooking low-fat meals together. There is nothing more attractive than goofing around the kitchen with your Love. Try hiking outdoors, or training for a race together. Try to restrict your portions, knowing that men get an obscene amount of fat and calories per day, and we, sadly, don’t. But by all means, enjoy that sip of champagne, and all the love and care you so greatly deserve.