As women, we love passionate bedroom play and being a little creative with positioning and toys, and if done right, it can even enhance the relationship and make us appreciate our men more. Unfortunately, some men can take passionate bed-play too far, especially when they start emulating what they’ve seen in their latest adult videos. It only gets worse when they demand certain raunchy actions and mood-killing, verbal accolades. For 99 percent of the female population, the attempt at carnal creativity is not well received and met with irritation, annoyance and an end to the festivities. If the man is lucky, his misguided endeavors only kill the mood for a night. If he is unlucky, he could be sleeping on the couch for quite a while. Thankfully, there is help for these misguided men. Here are top things that women absolutely hate while being intimate with their partner.

10 Things Men Do In Bed That Women Hate


Jumping to Conclusions

If a guy is half naked standing in the middle of your living room and you were still debating on if you should give him a kiss goodnight when he wants to leave, is definitely an awkward situation and one no girl wants to find herself in.

Going Straight to Serious Business

In other words trying to get some without any foreplay, women need to have a romantic time and some foreplay with their partner before going in between the sheets, if the guy doesn’t understand that definitely annoying.

Not Considering What a Girl Likes

Women will get frustrated and feel neglected if a guy is just in it for his own pleasure and before a girl  has a chance to enjoy herself, he’ll be done and ready to go. It’s even worse if a guy tries to do some weird stuff in bed before discussing it with his girl.

Playing Really Loud Music

When picturing having a good time with your man and enjoying some romantic time, you don’t picture having really loud music blasting in the background especially really loud annoying Techno or Trance music, these are for sure a mood killer.

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    • This is more for girls that don’t want anything serious or just short term relationships in general. Women in long term relationships are in my opinion the opposite. After so long, having the same sex becomes repetitive and we’ll know what to expect everytime making sex boring. If you’re with your lifelong partner, mixing it up in the bedroom makes sex more desireable.

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