Why Women Shouldn’t Bring These 6 Childhood Beliefs Into Their Adult Relationships

Most women remember what it’s like to be a little girl and to experience an ideal life free from the pain of broken relationships. When we grow up and learn the hard things of life, we’re motivated to protect our own tribe. But as we cultivate our relationships with our daughters and teach them how to survive and thrive in the adult world of relationships, there are small lessons we can pass along. Here are “6 Childhood Beliefs Women Shouldn’t Bring Into Adult Relationships.” Read them, memorize them, and teach the young women in your life how to navigate away from them:

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#1: No One Will Ever Hurt You

We don’t want to be hurt, so we want to believe it. But the bottom line is that it just isn’t true. Everyone, no matter that person’s sex, is going to get hurt at some point in life. It’s better to know this and to accept it than to be disenchanted when someone hurts you.

#2: Prince Charming is Out There, So Is the White Horse

Maybe he is. Maybe he has a white horse, too. But that isn’t the case for everyone. At our base, we are human beings who hurt it each other. It’s better to find a person that you can accept for imperfections and still love than to idealize a fantasy romantic partner.

#3: Life is Easy

Life can be easy. It can be fun and happy. But it also can be tragic. A healthy life and a healthy relationship is one in which these two realities are held in balance.

#4: He Won’t Play You

He will play you. Maybe you’ll play him, too. That’s the odd and difficult journey of the dating world. It’s not right. Some people are more mature than others and have better character. You’re looking for that person. So keep looking until you find him or her.

#5: Dad Won’t Let You Down

Being Daddy’s little girl is a wonderful thing. But even Dad can let you down. The basic premise of this entire article is that we can’t put all of our trust and admiration in one person alone. We have to accept imperfections, learn to stand on our own, give forgiveness and love freely.

#6: You Can Have it All

To have a career, a marriage and a family is possible. But no woman who says she has it all will say it didn’t come without some sacrifice in some category. It’s not fair, but it is reality for a woman in the modern world.