Women face insecurities everywhere, way more often than men. These insecurities have enormous devastating impacts on the physical and mental condition of women. Recent studies have shown that insecurities have significantly increased among women and younger generation in the last couple of decades.

Here we have gathered a list of 5 most common insecurities women have. Interestingly, the most common insecurities address either appearances or implications of appearance in women.

• Friendships Insecurities – Women may often feel insecure when it comes to their friendships. Basically women judge themselves more often than men.

• Sexual Attractiveness – Women always seek to be sexually attractive and they do their best to address this insecurity by different means.

• Being Fat – Weight is always a major insecurity for women. Women often want to look skinnier and they seek different diets and regimes for this purpose.

• Career Insecurities – Since there’s always gender inequality, women have to work harder to achieve their goals in their workspaces.

• Intellectual Life – Women are often more concerned about their intelligence and intellectual image than men.

The range of insecurities among women is wide. Researchers suggest although insecurities vary geologically, they are similar across many populations.